Business or corporation tax return

Navigating your corporate tax returns can be compared to negotiating a minefield.

Whichever way you look at it, annual corporate tax returns can cause a headache and the issues related to it are enough to cause you sleepless nights.

However, you don’t have to worry. We will help you by taking over the annual process of filing your tax return.


Our services include

Corporate tax planning and preparation of annual return for limited companies
Tax compliance and advice
Calculating tax liability
Making the most of reliefs, tax losses and deferment opportunities
Capital gains tax
PAYE & NI (National Insurance) contributions
Tax scheme
Submission of tax return
Review company taxation affairs and position
Correspondence with HMRC

Important info

UK Corporation tax rate 2016/1720%
File a Company Tax Return12 months after your accounting period for Corporation Tax ends
Pay Corporation Tax or tell HMRC that your limited company doesn't owe any tax9 months and 1 day after your 'accounting period' for Corporation Tax ends. Get in touch →
File first accounts with Companies House 21 months after the date you registered with Companies House

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