Early bird tax return offer for CIS subcontractors in Welling, Kent and the surrounding areas

Early bird tax return offer | Welling Kent | Bradleys Accountants

Date03 May 2016
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ATTENTION early birds. Did you know that Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) subcontractors who file their tax return early are most likely to get tax refunds? And the sooner the better – especially if you have paid more tax then you actually owe, which is more likely. 

With that in mind, Bradleys Accountants has launched a new early bird 2015/16 tax return offer* for CIS subcontractors in Welling, Kent and the surrounding areas.

By taking this offer, you can avail a 10% discount on our already competitively priced self-assessment tax return service.

Our early-bird offer has been rolled out for three main reasons:

  • Often subcontractors working through the CIS scheme overpay their personal tax
  • CIS subcontractors don’t know that they are likely to receive a tax refund soon after submitting a tax return
  • Because of the CIS legislation changes that came into force this April 2016.

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Filing early means:

  • Any tax due to be refunded, will be processed more quickly.
  • You can starting pre-planning your holidays sooner.
  • You know your tax affairs are in order and consequently won’t receive any unwanted fines.

Filing and claiming a tax refund is a complex matter and all relevant figures, including, income, accounts and expenses, must be reported correctly. HMRC compares the deductions claimed and the total payments made during the tax year, before it issues a tax refund.

Get the 10% discount now

We are available right now to help CIS subcontractors (new enquiries only) know how to get on top of this. If you are due a refund it makes sense to receive it as soon as possible. We are already working with a sizable number of CIS contractors in Welling, Kent and are ready to assist you too. Call us today on 020 8303 1287 or email contact@bradleysaccountants.co.uk to take the first step.

*Important noteThe early bird offer applies to new customers only. Your records must be received before 30 June 2016.