EIS and SEIS tax relief funding

Is your business suffering from a cash flow crunch? Do you need to raise money?

As a business, there are various funding options available to you. You can go down the conventional route and go to a bank. But in these economic times they are less willing to lend. Even if your bank does agree, they will insist on profitability and cash-flow forecasts. Isn’t that why you went looking for funding in the first place?

This is where issuing shares in your company can be a great way to get funding. Over the last few years tax breaks offered by schemes such as EIS and SEIS have made investing in private companies more appealing.

At Bradleys we can help you raise the funds you need to grow your business.


We can help you to:

Understand if equity finances (SEIS/EIS) is right for you
Understand the complex tax rules and criteria to qualify for the scheme
Understand what you are getting into
Understand the investor’s level of involvement

SEIS and EIS is an exciting prospect and gives small businesses access to funding they never had before. However, it can be confusing so it’s best advised to talk to an expert. We are confident that we can eliminate the pain associated in raising finance for your SME.

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