Technology accountants

Your business is on the cutting edge. You can go from zero to skyrocketing sales seemingly overnight. You need a different perspective in preparing and manging this kind of growth. And Bradleys is right there for you.

We take care of the accounting and tax so you can meet user expectations at the speed of change. We will help you see where you company is, and guide you to take it where you want it to be.

technology accountants

Among other things, we advise technology businesses on:

The availability of grants and Research & Development (R&D) tax credits
Tax relief on intellectual property (IP) – Patent Box
Payroll and employee share schemes
Product development costs (capital expenditure vs operational expenditure treatment) and other IP accounting
Obtaining EIS status for share allotments
Recognising losses as a deferred tax asset

We can also help your business through every stage of its development. This covers:

Business plans
Corporate structure
Management of intellectual property
Finance and funding (need Alan’s confirmation)
M&A support services (need Alan’s confirmation)
International tax planning and expansion
Business growth and expansion
Succession and exit strategies(need Alan’s confrim)
EIS/SEIS funding

We support:

IT consultancies and contractors
Smartphone application developers
Software development companies
Data service companies
Network support and backup solution providers
Computer maintenance companies
BPO service providers
Manufacturers of embedded multi-processing product

While we are based in Welling, Kent, we act for technology professionals across the country. Collaboration typically happens by email, phone, post, face-to-face meetings or texts– whatever each individual client prefers.

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