About Bradleys

Bradleys Accountants is an established firm of Chartered Certified Accountants with a history that spans more than 22 years. We are based in Kent and serve business, contractor and individual clients with a range of professional accountancy services.

We treat every client as an individual with unique requirements which are thoroughly assessed before we deliver a bespoke solution developed from our range of services. Our aim is to provide the best accountancy and business advice to customers across the UK and further afield.

Located on the high street, we are available for you to drop in and talk through your business or individual requirements; but our team behind the scenes means we can provide you with the accountancy services of a much bigger organisation.

Our objective is to help new and established businesses to maximise their growth potential. We are proud of our heritage and our ability to constantly stay updated with the ever-changing accounting, taxation and business practices in the UK.

We work proactively to ensure we keep you abreast of developments well in advance of their implementation. Our regular newsletters, information sheets, forums and business reviews are designed to provide you with the information you require to drive your business forward and ensuring compliance at all times.


ACCA accountants
We are rather proud of the fact that we are an ACCA member firm. You’ll find that there aren’t many of us around.
Modern accountants
We love using Xero and making it easy for small businesses to manage their finances.
Amazing service
Customer service is at our heart and our guaranteed levels of service are simply our way of ‘putting our money where our mouth is’, so to speak.
Fixed pricing
No haggling, no uncertainty, no needing to ‘sit down’ when you receive our invoice. Our price is agreed with you before we start.
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