Top 10 ridiculous excuses given for missing the tax credits renewal deadline

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With less than two weeks to go until the 31 July deadline for tax credit renewals, HMRC has published a list of elaborate reasons given by claimants for not renewing their tax credits on time.

Tax credits are benefits given by the state to support eligible people with children, disabled workers and workers on lower incomes. There are two types of tax credits: child tax credits and working tax credits. Some receive the former; some the latter, while a few receive both.
While the subject is a serious one, HMRC hopes that publishing a list of ridiculous excuses will urge claimants to take action and meet the July 31 deadline.

Among the most amusing reasons the following are the top 10:

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    Last year 413,197 claimants renewed their tax credits just 5 days before the deadline. The deadline is 8pm on 31 July this year and if you don’t renew on time you’ll risk losing payments.

    Director General of Benefits and Credits of HMRC, Nick Lodge, said: “So far, over 203,000 claimants have renewed online. It’s quick and easy. Renewing tax credits on time is important. People who don’t renew by the deadline can, and do, lose their payments.”

    Get help:

    Starting this year, claimants can renew their tax credits online at GOV.UK besides being able to renew by post and phone. However, we’ve observed that many families use ‘best estimates’ of their income when completing their tax credit renewals and these can differ substantially from their actual income. This can ultimately result in errors including overpayment of tax credits which then have to be repaid.

    If you submit your accounts information to us before 31 July, we can ensure you are able to provide HMRC with the correct income information to support your tax credit submission.

    But you need to hurry – there are only 12 days left.

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